Why Global Classes

Why Global Classes?

Netbiz Infotech is known for its spotless structure and design and for its creative proficiency. Our highly scalabled, designed and customizable LMS platform "Global Classes", is to simplify the process of e-learning industry. The paperless automation of Global Classes provides the facility to perform all the activities of the e-learning, making them simple, easy, fast, efficient and accurate. We understand the importance of a centralized database management system and have designed and developed LMS, "Global Classes" after a thorough research, to ease the education industry stakeholders.

This complete LMS automates and administers different academic and non-academic tasks. This has been created to help e-learning industry manage all their data in a consistent and structured manner. The product scure to provide standard and result oriented solutions to all your worries.

Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

Scalability and Flexibility

Tracking and Feedback

Gamification and Leaderboards