LMS Standards

LMS Standards

In a simple words, a standard is a language where eLearning courses and LMS use to communicate with each other. Selcting a best standard for both authoring tools and LMS provides information that can be successfully shared between them. The e-learner can easily view courses, and the trainer can comfortably track learners result.

Let’s have a very close look at all 4 popular eLearning standards:

AICC (Aviation Industry Computer-Based Training Committee)

AICC was formed in 1988 and is one of the first and oldest technical standard. It helps courses get transfer information in HTTP format (HACP). Although in today's time, this standard is no longer evolving, and used for a lack of a better substitute only.

SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model)

SCORM was initially released in 2001. SCORM is a very recognised standard by almost all learning platforms. To make elearning more cost-effective and not to start from scrach, few specifications were taken from already developed AICC and so was SCORM created. SCORM courses allows to build a crystal-clear composition, use different sections of content as free units, and set rules for switching between them.

Like other technology, SCORM has also evolved over the years as it was not built with the concept of mobile learning which is a very much in demand right now.

There are currently four different versions: SCORM 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, and 2004 and SCORM 1.2 is still widely used by elearning community.

xAPI (Experience API, Tin Can API)

xAPI was introduced as a nextgen version of SCORM in 2013, but it has a large-scale potential. Unlike SCORM, which was developed to commune between a course and an LMS, xAPI is not limit to these specification. xAPI has a run-time environment that authorize to track or record data of any learning activities such as real-time learning, offline learning, long-term learning, either happening on a PC, phone or tablet, or even in a live classroom. It can be initiated from all local storage device and can be united with a standard WordPress website also, which allows to transmit data.


сmi5 was introduced in 2016, and is the newest standard for LMS. It provides all the potentiality of SCORM and xAPI and also limits their drawbacks. Unlike SCORM standard, cmi5 standard allows to view on any mobile device, even in offline mode. The data in this format enables to track is not limit, and can get complete demography on how do learners view PDFs, images, listens audio and watch video files. Like xAPI, cmi5 also made it feasible to study outside an LMS and observe games and simulations, as well as social and mobile learning.

IMS Cartridge (IMS Common Cartridge)

IMS Cartridge was built standalone by "IMS Global Learning Consortium" and is widely used by educational environment. This standard is still evolving and might be a best substitute to SCORM and xAPI in future.